The Great Fraud is all about one thing…GREAT MUSIC!

The Great Fraud is dedicated to the creation, performance, and manufacturing of pure, uncut, high-grade Rock & Roll…Served to the masses for endless worldwide consumption.

We don’t apologize for being too loud. We don’t worry about the size of the crowd. We are passionate and we are proud. We’ll put your feet on top of a cloud.

Whether it’s a love song, a blues song, a fast song, or a slow song…The Great Fraud just keeps movin’ along.

The Great Fraud is magic in the studio but truly comes alive on the stage. Magnetic, electric, psychedelic…The Great Fraud is a strong tree with its roots deeply planted in the Blues, with branches reaching out in every direction…Always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a combination of sound and soul. Painting music with electric guitars and howling voices, The Great Fraud is a wild, supernatural, religious experience for the mind, body, and soul.

May the FRAUD be with you…